Past Halperin Awardees

2018 Halperin Awardees:
Megan ParkerMegan Parker, University of Kentucky
Project: Documenting Change in Domestic Household Production in the Northern Basin of Mexico Before and After Spanish Conquest
Advisor: Scott R. Hutson


Dawn RiversDawn Rivers, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Project: Cooperativism or Capitalism in the Basque Country: Self-employment in Post-industrial Capitalist Economies
Advisor: Rudolf Colloredo-Mansfeld

The 2017 Halperin Awardees:

Qing He, University of Wisconsin
Project: The Fearful and the Feared: Baoan as a commodity of the economy of fear in gated communities in post-socialist China
Bradley Jones, Washington University-St. Louis
Project: Cultivating Alternatives: Conflict and collaboration in Alternative Food Economies in Appalachia and New York
Eduardo Romero, Columbia University
Project: Gardeners or Criminals? Tracing the affective, economic, and ecological lives of small-scale loggers in Peruvian Amazonia

The 2016 Halperin Awardees:

Biesel_HalperinShelly Beisel, University of Georgia
Project: (Im)mobility in Northeast Brazil: Assessing Livelihood Strategies in the Age of Climate Change and Social Safety Net Policies 
RDike_HalperinRuth Dike, Department of Anthropology, University of Kentucky
Project: Food, Space, and Labor: Moroccan Women Working in Souqs and Supermarkets 
HMarshall_HalperinHannah Marshall, Brown University
Project: ‘Economic Rehabilitation’: An Ethnographic Study of Vocational Training for Incarcerated Ugandan Women

The 2015 Halperin Awardees:

VilleccoJohn M. Villecco, American University
Project: Local Effects of Chinese -Funded Infrastructural Development on the Kenyan Coast
GegliaBeth Geglia, American University
Project: Distributive and Concentrative Effects of Economic Collectives in Honduran Communities: A Pre-SEZ Study
LiptonJonah Lipton, London School of Economics
Project: ‘Ebola is the only work in Sierra Leone right now’: an ethnographic study of informal work, care, and family life in Freetown.
The 2014 Halperin awardees:
RissingAndrea L. Rissing, Emory University
Project: “Beginning Farmers and Agricultural Success in Iowan Sustainable Agriculture.”
Orelmanski1Katie Olemanski, Rutgers University
Project: “Poster (Girl)Child: Gendered Education Projects in Rural Tanzania.”
Jilo2Samuel Dira Jilo, Washington State University
Project: “Resilience: Learning to save and ‘Producing Big’ among subsistence producers in Ethiopia.”
The 2013 Halperin Awardees:
jones_3Tristan Jones, Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University
Project: “Canada’s Mordor”: Indigenous Lives, Labor and Struggle in the Canadian Tar Sands”
Katin_3Nicole Katin, Department of Anthropology, Tulane University
Project: “Ethnographic Study of conservation induced displacement in Núcleo Itariru, Southeastern Brazil
mckusick_3Caroline McKusick, University of California, Davis
Project: “Contested Airwaves: The Politics of Minority Media in Turkey”
The 2012 Halperin Awardees:
Deniz Daser, Rutgers University.
Project: “Living Work, Working Lives: Migrants and their Labor in New Orleans”.
Advisor: Rocio Magana.
Lauren A. Hayes, University of Arizona.
Project: “Talking Proper”: Appalachian Women in the Workplace.
Advisors: Jennifer Roth-Gordon and James Greenberg.
Andrew Ofstehage, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
Project: “Development and Dispossession in Soylandia”.
Advisor: Rudolf Colloredo-Mansfeld.