2018 Schneider Prize Winners

Graduate Winning Paper
Kelly McKowen, Princeton University
Substantive Commitments: Rethinking the Moral Microeconomics of Employment in Norway
Faculty sponsor: Carol Greenhouse

Graduate Honorable Mention
Xinyan Peng, University of Virginia
Cubed in a Global City: Glamor and Discontent of White-Collar Work in Shanghai
Faculty sponsor: Richard Handler

Undergraduate Winning Paper
Christina Cheung, University of British Columbia
Eliminating the Penny in Canada: an Economic Analysis of Penny-Rounding on Grocery Items
Faculty sponsor: Rik Blok

Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Marritt Eriksson, University of St. Andrews
What is Money? Currencies as Discourse
Faculty sponsor: Mette High

Previous Schneider Prize winners


The 2019 Harold K. Schneider Student Prize in Economic Anthropology

DEADLINE: June 1, 2019

The Harold K. Schneider Prize Competition is a student paper competition established by the Society for Economic Anthropology (SEA) to honor its first president and to encourage new scholars in the field of economic anthropology. Harold Schneider, Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University, was known for both his path breaking research and his dedication as a teacher. Each year, the SEA invites both undergraduate and graduate students to submit papers on any aspect of economic anthropology or economic archaeology. Papers should contain a central thesis or argument, should be neither wholly descriptive nor wholly theoretical but, ideally, both and should be edited for clarity.

Manuscripts should be in English only and be no longer than 8,000 words, including endnotes and references, and in American Anthropologist style. The winners in both the undergraduate and graduate categories will each receive a cash prize, a certificate of achievement, and a year’s membership in the SEA. The graduate winner will also be invited to make a presentation at the annual spring meeting of the SEA.

Please submit electronic submissions only. The electronic submission must be sent in Microsoft Word format. Use your last name as the document name (example: “mauss.doc”). Please do not include your name anywhere within the text of the document, but provide all contact addresses (mail and E-mail) on the title page. If the paper includes multiple .gif or .jpg images, please include them within the text as well in a separate document labeled with your name (example: “mauss_images.doc”).

All student submissions must be accompanied by a supporting note from a faculty sponsor, which should be submitted via e-mail. Please indicate whether you are applying in the undergraduate or graduate category. As of the 2018 award, undergraduate award winners receive $150; graduate award winners receive $300.

Submissions, faculty support notes, and questions can be sent to Leila Rodriguez at leila[dot]rodriguez[at]uc.edu.