SEA Events at AAA Meetings

From Dolores Koenig, President, Society for Economic Anthropology

Bram Tucker, incoming SEA President, and I would like to welcome all to the AAA meetings. SEA is offering many exciting events.

There are many interesting SEA sessions, which look at issues such as: ethnography in white collar contexts, new energy landscapes in Africa (co-sponsored with Association for Africanist Anthro), the anthropology of corporations (co-sponsored with the Association for Political and Legal Anthropology), the value and authenticity of cultural products, technologies of governance and communication, calculating the value of food, space, and risk, commodity cycles, taxation, consumerism, entrepreneurship, and the middle classes. For more details on these sessions, see the AAA program.
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New issue of Economic Anthropology is out!

Volume 4, issue 1 of Economic Anthropology is now available.

Please have a look at the 10 exciting new articles spanning a wide variety of topics, AND, be sure to check out our new SYMPOSIUM section with FREE ACCESS to all. These are 5 short essays that each respond to the same question. In this first issue, the question is: How can economic anthropology contribute to a more just world? Authors of these essays include:

  • Gillian Tett
  • Keith Hart
  • Alf Hornborg
  • Jane Guyer
  • Rick Wilk

Articles in this issue:

2016 Schneider Prize winners

Congratulations to our 2016 Schneider Prize winners! The Harold K. Schneider Prize Competition is a student paper competition that honors SEA’s first president and and encourages new scholars in the field of economic anthropology. Harold Schneider, Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University, was known for both his path breaking research and his dedication as a teacher.


Winner – Sarah Kelman (UC Santa Cruz) “In Search of a ‘Culture of Entrepreneurship:’ Tales from Malaysia’s Startup Ecosystem – Dr, Lisa Rofel (Faculty Advisor)

Runner-Up – Samantha King (UNC – Chapel Hill) “The Enduring Invisibility of Women’s Work: Engendering Contemporary Agarian Transition in the Rural Caribbean” – Dr. Colin West (Faculty Advisor)


Winner – Mariel Kennedy (University of Notre Dame) “Bad Assets: A Study of Debt Collection in Pune, India” Dr. Rahul Okha (Faculty Advisor)

Runner-Up – Meagan Jones (Ohio State University) “Among and Beyond the Stalls: Hybrid Social Networks in the Westland Flea Market” Dr. Jeffrey Cohen (Faculty Advisor)

Call for Papers: open submission issue of Economic Anthropology

Call for Papers for the second annual *open submission* issue of Economic Anthropology, to be published in January 2018. Please see Guidelines for Submission below.

In 2016, we created a new annual issue for the journal apart from the theme-based issue that comes out each June. The open submission issue features articles spanning a wide array of topics.

This CFP offers a tremendous opportunity to have your work reviewed and potentially published within a year! Please review the guidelines noted below. Manuscripts must be submitted no later than January 31, 2017. The requirements for consideration include the following:

A little background about what Economic Anthropology has cooking: 

FIRST, how about this wonderful news from our publisher: Economic Anthropology had the highest rate of growth for readership across all the AAA journals in 2015. The number of full-text downloads of EA articles increased from 3,279 in 2014 to 7,165 in 2015—an increase of 119 percent.  

SECOND, we are approaching YEAR FOUR of publication as a Wiley Blackwell journal. Here’s what’s coming up:

  • In just a month, January 2017, we will release our first ever OPEN SUBMISSION issue—unrelated to a conference theme. In addition to a fantastic set of articles, the open issue will also introduce a new section called THE SYMPOSIUM in which 5 distinguished anthropologists weigh in with short essays on a single question. Don’t miss this exciting innovation in our journal.
  • In June 2017, we will release the exciting RISK AND RESILIENCE issue.

THIRD, keep EA in mind when you are looking for cutting edge research on topics related to economy and society. Our two most recent issues are:

  • the fabulous ENERGY issue released last January 2016.
  • the outstanding TECHNOLOGIES issue released last June, 2016.

For more about back issues and our online platform:

More about EA’s open submission issue and the Call for Papers:

The benefits of submitting to EA are plenty—our WB journal is part of the AAA consortium of scholarly journals indexed in AnthroSource. That makes the online content easy to find, easy to search, and accessible to lots and lots of people. I have been able to reduce the turnaround timeframe to one year, from submission to publication. That’s pretty unusual and it means you can get your time-sensitive work out faster, and get credit for your publication sooner than with most scholarly journals. This is our new secret magic! So pass the word!


If you are interested in pursuing the possibility of getting your work published in Economic Anthropology, please submit a polished article to me no later than January 31, 2017. Follow these guidelines:

1         The article must draw on original and clearly presented research.

2         The article must present clear contributions to existing scholarship.

3         The article needs to concern the interaction of economic and social life.

4         The writing must be very clear and very organized. Keep jargon to a minimum, or where possible, explain complex terms with ordinary language. Significant readability problems will disqualify an article before it goes to peer review.

5         Articles may not exceed 8000 words including abstract, notes, references, captions. Two graphics are permitted in the online typeset version. Additional text and graphics are welcome as Supplementary Material, accessible from the article.

I look forward to your submissions over the coming month and holiday break. In the meanwhile, if you have questions, please feel free to email Kate Browne at Kate[dot]Browne[at]COLOSTATE[dot]EDU.