Poster Presentations


Kristina Baines                       A Day for a Day: Reciprocal Labor and Indigenous Selfhood


Brieanne Berry                        Social Capital and the Reuse Economy


Ruth Dike                               Gendered Politics of Food-Related Labor in Morocco


Éric Gagnon Polin                   Poverty Reduction Programs in Quebec’s Neoliberal Economy


Julia Caroline Greer                Obligation and Lending in Benin


Megan Hinrichsen                   The Narrative of Microfinance, Well-Intentioned Debt, and the Individualization of Social Problems in Quito, Ecuador


Jane Horan                              Where ‘financialization hits the ground’…: The Auckland Housing Market, second homes, and the illusions implicated in price as value


Sibel Kitamura                        What is Islamic Finance?: Ambiguity of the Economic and Possibility of Sociological and Anthropological Research


Dolores Koenig                       Manatali Resettlement: 30 Years Later


Roger Ivar Lohmann               Capitalism Meets Its Match: Failed Mimesis of Market Economics Among the Asabano of Papua New Guinea


Brandon Lundy                       Can Small Engines Drive the Car? Sourcing Economic Development in Precarious States


Jean Maier                              Money, Exchange Rates and Sustainability


Caitlin Manderski                   Long Term Recovery after the ABC Day Care Fire in Hermosillo, Sonora


Jane Marshall                          Investing in My Self: Rehabilitation, Personhood, and Practices of Entrepreneurship among Ex-prisoners in Gulu, Northern Uganda


Arthur Murphy                      Fire and Water: Comparing Recovery after Two Disasters in Sonora, Mexico


Daniel Murphy                       “It’s like placing a bet”: Debt, Inequality, and the Financialization of Indigenous Developmentalism in Highland Ecuador


Tomomi Naka                         What is the Best Use of Money as Faithful Believers? Conservative Mennonites and their Financial Discussions


Caela O’Connell                      Penciling Out Change: The Complex Calculus of Farming and Fertilizer Use


Joseph Quick                          “Nowadays if you don’t have credit, you don’t have anything”: The Financialization of Indigenous Developmentalism in Highland Ecuador


Ieva Snikersproge                    Stock Market Layoffs: Finance, Employment, and the Struggle against Time


Bram Tucker                           Are There Basic Relationships Between Economies and Supernatural Cosmologies? A Cross-Cultural Study of Native North America, Africa, And Madagascar


Zach Tuomey                         Neoliberal Reforms, NAFTA, and the Buena Vista Copper Mine: A Disaster 450 Years in the Making