Explore the past presidents who have guided the Society for Economic Anthropology (SEA), shaping its trajectory and nurturing a thriving community of scholars fascinated by the intricate links between economics and social life.

Past President: 2021-2023
Nora Haenn

University of Maine

Cindy Isenhour

Past President: 2019-2021
Cindy Isenhour

University of Maine

Past President: 2017-2019
Bram Tucker

University of Georgia

Dolores Koenig

Past President: 2015-2017
Dolores Koenig

American University

Past President: 2013-2015
Carolyn Lesorogol

Washington University

Past President: 2011-2013
Kate Browne

University of Colorado

Past President: 2009-2011
Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill