The Society for Economic Anthropology is a section of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). Membership in SEA requires membership in the AAA. Current AAA members can add themselves to the SEA at any time through the AAA web site. Section membership costs are just $10 for students and $20 for all others.

Non-members are encouraged to join both the AAA and the SEA through the same site. See pricing for AAA membership here.

Benefits of AAA/SEA membership include subscriptions to Anthrosource and associated publications, including Economic Anthropology. Non-members are always welcome to participate in the SEA conferences and the listserv.

SEA Listserv (SEA-L)

The Society for Economic Anthropology maintains a moderated listserv, SEA-L. With an average of one or two messages per week, the SEA’s listserv is a place where economic anthropologists from around the world connect, announce conferences, post important information and ask questions. The list is open to all interested individuals.

To subscribe, send an email to the list-serv manager, Brandon Lundy ( To send a message to the list itself, write to SEA-L@LIST.KENNESAW.EDU. For more information about the listserv please contact the list manager, Brandon Lundy at For full instructions, you can go to