Here is the complete list of recipients of the Harold K. Schneider prizes for student papers. If you were a recipient or a sponsor and are NOT listed, please send a note to

GRADUATE WINNERS (undergraduate winners listed below)

2022 Graduate Winning Paper
China Sajadian, City University of New York
“’A Person With a Full Stomach Doesn’t Know Anyone’: The Moral Binds of Debt in a Syrian Refugee Camp”
Faculty sponsor: Mandana Limbert

2022 Graduate Honorable Mention
Sandro Simon, University of Cologne
“Rhythming Volatility: Gleaning from and Salvaging for Capitalists”
Faculty sponsor: Franz Grause

2021 Graduate Winning Paper
Sophie D’Anieri, University of Chicago
“Contested Foodways: Negotiations of Self, Place, and Precarity amongst Mexican Farmworkers in Wisconsin Dairies”
Faculty sponsor: Mary Elena Wilhoit

2021 Graduate Honorable Mentions
Tariq Rahman, University of California at Irvine
“Landscapes of Rizq: Mediating Worldly and Other-worldly in Lahore’s Speculative Real Estate Market”
Faculty sponsor: Sylvia Nam

Otto Stuparitz, University of California at Los Angeles
“The Archival Value of Bubi Chen”
Faculty sponsor: Timothy D. Taylor

2020 Graduate Winning Paper
Tali Ziv, University of Pennsylvania
Finessing the System: On the Racialization of U.S. Urban Informality
Faculty sponsor: Deborah Thomas

2020 Graduate Honorable Mention
Yichen Rao, University of Hong Kong
Dreaming Like a Market: The Hidden Script of Financial Inclusion in China’s P2P Lending Platform
Faculty sponsor: Tom McDonald

2019 Graduate Winning Paper
Nishita Trisal, University of Michigan
Answering for the Debts of Others: Guarantors, defaulters, and tripartite relations
Faculty sponsor: Jatin Dua

2019 Graduate Honorable Mention
Henry Bundy, University of Kentucky
Disciplined by Desperation: South Carolina’s Reserve Army of the Laboring and the Wages of Precarious Work
Faculty sponsor: Mary Anglin

2018 Graduate Winning Paper
Kelly McKowen, Princeton University
Substantive Commitments: Rethinking the Moral Microeconomics of Employment in Norway
Faculty sponsor: Carol Greenhouse

2018 Graduate Honorable Mention
Xinyan Peng, University of Virginia
Cubed in a Global City: Glamor and Discontent of White-Collar Work in Shanghai
Faculty sponsor: Richard Handler

2017 Graduate Winning Paper
Lori Weekes, Stanford University
Estonian E-Residency And The Production Of Persons In The Derivative And The Digital.
Faculty sponsor: Ian Hodder

2017 Graduate Honorable Mention
Rita Mancini, University of Torino
Economic and Religious Institutions in the Cultural Transformation of the Sherpa Communities of Khumbu: The Dumji Masked Dance Festival.
Faculty sponsor: Roberto Marchionatti

2016 Graduate Winning Paper
Sarah Kelman, UC Santa Cruz
In Search of a ‘Culture of Entrepreneurship:’ Tales from Malaysia’s Startup Ecosystem
Faculty Sponsor Dr, Lisa Rofel

2016 Graduate Honorable Mention
Samantha King, UNC – Chapel Hill
The Enduring Invisibility of Women’s Work: Engendering Contemporary Agarian Transition in the Rural Caribbean
Faculty Sponsor Dr. Colin West

2015 Graduate Winning Paper
Christopher Taylor, Boston University
“New Islamic Charities in North India: Re-Visiting Islam’s ‘Moral Economy’”
Faculty Sponsor Robert F. Hefner

2015 Graduate Honorable Mention
Fabio Mattioli, City University of New York
“Illiquidity, Payments and Exploitation: The Case of Kompenzacija”
Faculty Sponsor Jeff Maskovsky

2014 Graduate Winning Paper
Laura Tilghman, University of Georgia
“The Role of Rural Resources in Urban Migrant Livelihoods: Insight from the 2011 Clove Harvest in Northeastern Madagascar.”
Faculty Sponsor Bram Tucker

2014 Graduate Honorable Mention
Nicolas Lainez, Ecole des Hautes en Sciences Sociales
“Debt, Migration and Sex Work: Beyond the Trafficking Paradigm.”
Faculty Sponsor Michel Bozon

2013 Graduate Winning Paper
Mengqi Wang, Brandeis University
The Moral Economy of Chinese Homeowners: Negotiating “the Right to Housing” in Post-purchase Conflicts
Faculty sponsor: Elizabeth Ferry

2013 Graduate Honorable Mention
Jenny Diggins, University of Sussex
“Economic Runaways, on the Maritime Frontier”
Faculty sponsor: James Fairhead

2012 Graduate Winning Paper
Karen Rignall, University of Kentucky
“Land use change the new spatiality of livelihoods in pre-Saharan Morocco”
Faculty sponsor: Lisa Cliggett

2012 Graduate Honorable Mention
Nicholas D’Avella, UC Davis
“Crisis Histories, Brick Futures: Economic Theories and the Matter of Investment in Post-Crisis Argentina”
Faculty sponsor: Donald Donham

2011 Graduate Winning Paper
Solen Roth, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver
“Reciprocity and Culturally Modified Capitalism in the Native Northwest Coast Giftware Industry”
Faculty sponsor: Jennifer Kramer

2011 Graduate Honorable Mention
Yang Yang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
“African Traders in Guangzhou, China: Routes, Reasons, Profits, Dreams”
Faculty sponsor: Gordon Mathews

2010 Graduate Winning Paper
Julie Shepherd-Powell, University of Kentucky
“Moral Economy and the Cultural Politics of Coal and Energy Production in Southwest Virginia”
Faculty Sponsor: Sarah Lyon

2010 Graduate Honorable Mention
Courtney Kurlanska, University of Albany
“Pro-Mujer and the Men Who Join: Microcredit and Microdebt in Nicaragua”
Faculty Sponsor: Walt Little

2009 Graduate Winning Paper
Lauren Androver, Northwestern University
“Festive Currencies of Value: Culture, Commodification and Performative Action in Ghana”
Faculty Sponsor: Karen Tranberg Hansen

2009 Graduate Honorable Mention
Erica Coslor, University of Chicago
“Hostile Worlds, Questionable Speculation and Contests of Meaning: Three Types of Conflict Around Art”
Faculty Sponsor: Karin Knorr Cetina

2008 Graduate Winning Paper
Hassan Sachedina, Oxford University
Paper Title: Mining, Migration and Land Use Change in the Tarangire Ecosystem of Tanzania

2007 Graduate Winning Paper
Nicholas Sitko, University of Colorado
Paper Title: The social life of maize: Neo-liberalism, food security, and non market exchanges in southern Zambia
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Elizabeth Dunn

2007 Graduate Honorable Mention
Cherry Hunsaker, American University
Paper Title: Militia Formation in the Niger Delta: Exploring Action and Reaction to the Oil Industry
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Gretchen Schafft

2006 Graduate Winning Paper
David Himmelfarb, University of Georgia
Paper Title: Moving People, Moving Boundaries: The Socio-Economic Effects of Protectionist Conservation, Involuntary Resettlement and Tenure Insecurity on the Edge of Mt. Elgon National Park, Uganda
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Peter Brosius

2006 Graduate Honorable Mention
Nan Youngnan Kim-Paik, University of California, Berkeley
Paper Title: Spectacles of Transparency: The Cultural Politics of Intimacy, Mass Mediation and Deep Neoliberalism in the State-sponsored Reunions of Families Separated Between the Two Koreas
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Aihwa Ong

2005 Graduate Winning Paper
Marc Pinkoski, Department of Anthropology, University of Victoria (Canada)
Title of Paper: “Trapping Steward: The Task of Julian Steward’s Theory”
Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Michael Asch and Dr. Peter H. Stephenson

2004 Graduate Winning Paper
Gavin Hamilton Whitelaw (Department of Anthropology, Yale University)
Paper Title: Denouement or De Novo? A Social History of the American Clothesline
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. William W. Kelly

2004 Graduate Honorable Mention
Leila Rodriguez (Department of Anthropology, Pennsylvania State University)
Paper Title: Generations and Motivations: Russian and Other Former Soviet Immigrants in Costa Rica
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jeffrey H. Cohen

2003 Graduate Winning Paper
Nashieli Rangel Loera (CIESAS)
Paper Title: Cotija Cheese and Its New Realities
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Guadalupe Rodriguez Gomez

2002 Graduate Winning Paper
John Tofik Karam, Department of Anthropology, Syracuse University
“A Cultural Politics of Entrepreneurship in Nation-Making: Phoenician, Turks, and the Arab Commercial Essense in Brazil”
Faculty Sponsor: John Burdick

2001 Graduate Winning Paper
Nitish Jha, Department of Anthropology, Brandeis University
“Gender and Decision-Making in Balinese Agriculture”
Faculty Sponsor: Robert Hunt

2001 Graduate Honorable Mention
Jim Schechter, Department of Anthropology, University of Colorado-Boulder
“Morality in the Eye of the Beholder: ‘Moral Peril’ in the Sudanese ‘Slave’ Trade and Contemporary Abolition”
Faculty Sponsor: Elizabeth Dunn

1997 Graduate Winning Paper
Gregory Guest, Department of Anthropology, University of Georgia
“La Ruta Cana: The Political Economy of Cane-Alcohol Production in Northwestern Ecuador”

1995 Graduate Winning Paper
Daniel Beams, Department of Anthropology, University of Kentucky
“Cattle, Trade, and Clandestine Slaughter in Oaxaca, Mexico: Securing High Profits Through Malfeasance and Dissemblance of Information”

1994 Graduate Winning Paper
Kathleen Pickering, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“The Political Economy of ‘Agrarian Revolt’ on the Great Plains, 1862-1900”

1993 Graduate Winning Paper
Holly Wardlow, Emory University
“‘Women are our Coffee’: Historical Factors and Current Variables in Smallholder Coffee Production in Papua New Guinea ”


2022 Undergraduate Winning Paper
Lotte Jäger, University of Sussex
“Racial capitalism and #PayUp: A critical examination of the abandonment of Bangladeshi garment workers during the COVID-19 pandemic”
Faculty sponsor: Rebecca Prentic

2022 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Annalise Chelsen, Wheaton College
“‘I’ve Curated Myself into a Corner and I Can’t Get Out’: Sustainable Fashion Influencers Under the Attention Economy”
Faculty sponsor, Christine Jeske

No undergraduate submissions in 2021

2020 Undergraduate Winning Paper
JahAsia Jacobs, Lewis and Clark College
“I Don’t Think a Life Without Debt is Possible”: Navigating Student Indebtedness, Restrictive Temporalities, and Embodied Debility
Faculty sponsor: Jennifer Hubbert

2020 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Stuart Sones, Indiana University
“Nomadism as the Norm: An Archaeological Revision of the Local Landscapes, Interaction, and Exchange along the Inner Asian Mountain Corridor”
Faculty sponsor: Anne Pyburn

2019 Undergraduate Winning Paper
Jolon Timms, Reed College
The City of Knowledge: Knowledge as the Currency of Modernity in Panama
Faculty sponsor: Charlene Mackley

2019 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Benjamin Fanucci-Kiss, Colby College
Teaching Transgression: Class Negotiation, Abrasive Capital, and El Chapo
Faculty sponsor: Britt Halvorson

2018 Undergraduate Winning Paper
Christina Cheung, University of British Columbia
Eliminating the Penny in Canada: an Economic Analysis of Penny-Rounding on Grocery Items
Faculty sponsor: Rik Blok

2018 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Marritt Eriksson, University of St. Andrews
What is Money? Currencies as Discourse
Faculty sponsor: Mette High

2017 Undergraduate Winner
Jacob Hayman, Reed College
Alternative Globalities in Mexico City: The Santa Fe Megaproject versus the “Rescue” of Downtown.
Faculty sponsor: Charlene Makley

2017 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Luke Maskarinec, Reed College
Bare Life at the Border: The Complexities of Power, Violence, and Resistance in Nogales, Sonora.
Faculty sponsor: Charlene Makley

2016 Undergraduate Winner
Mariel Kennedy, University of Notre Dame
Bad Assets: A Study of Debt Collection in Pune, India
Faculty Sponsor Dr. Rahul Okha

2016 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Meagan Jones, Ohio State University
Among and Beyond the Stalls: Hybrid Social Networks in the Westland Flea Market
Faculty Sponsor Dr. Jeffrey Cohen

2015 Undergraduate Winner
Anna Merryfield, University of St. Andrews, Scotland
“Do Economists Make Markets? Discussed in reference to the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008”
Faculty Sponsor Mette M. High

2015 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Kristiyana Kalcheya, University of St. Andrews, Scotland
“The Value of Money: Discourses within the US Fracking Debate”
Faculty Sponsor Mette M. High

2014 Undergraduate Winning Paper
Stefan Stackhouse, Reed College
“Managing the ‘Global’ Crowd: Amazon Mechanical Turk and the Discipline of the Virtual Worker.”
Faculty Sponsor Charlene Makley

2014 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Nathan Eisenberg, Reed College
Title: “The Price of Exchange: Carbon Credits and Violence.”
Faculty Sponsor Charlene Makley

2013 Undergraduate Winning Paper
Susan DiMauro, Washington University
“‘And Yet We Grew Beautiful Crops’: Reconstructing the Agricultural Economy of Shenandoah National Park Refugees”
Faculty sponsor: Glen Stone

2013 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Shannon Smith, Reed College
“Shattering the economy of appearances: How land reforms facilitate land grabs in rural China”
Faculty sponsor: Charlene Makley

2012 Undergraduate Winning Paper
William Purtzer, Reed College
“The World Has Gone Social: Market Hype, the Digital ‘You,’ and Facebook’s Hopes for Profitability”
Faculty sponsor: Charlene Makley

2012 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Alejandro Jinich, Columbia University
“Tradable SO2 Emission Licenses: A Commodity Ethnography”
Faculty sponsor: Paige West

2011 Undergraduate Winning Paper
Lauren Kapsalakis, University of Pennsylvania
“Bring your groceries by night: There can be no rich Toba”
Faculty sponsor: Claudia Valeggia

2011 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Olivia Pettigrew, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
“Children’s Support Networks after the 1999 Landslides in Teziutlán, Mexico”
Faculty sponsor: Eric Jones

2010 Undergraduate Winning Paper
Brittany Burke, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
“Forms of Social Support by Non-Relatives in Emergency Situations: Ecuador”
Faculty Sponsor: Eric Jones

2010 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Sonali Bhasin, Barnard College
“KAMLA BUYS A BUFFALO: The Failures of Microfinance”
Faculty Sponsor: Nicole Peterson

2009 Undergraduate Winning Paper
Ceily Harwitt, Northwestern Unviersity
“Doing Business Underground: The Informal Economy as Seen From the Buenos Aires Subway System”
Faculty Sponsor: Karen Tranberg Hansen

2009 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Kristen Ritchey, Ohio State University
“Hired Herding in the Far North Region of Cameroon: Socio-Economic Mobility and Sustainable Livelihoods”
Faculty Sponsor: Mark Moritz

2009 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Kara Newhouse, American University
“Anti-Politics Movement: The Individualization of Change in Fair Trade Discourse”
Faculty Sponsor: Brett Williams

2007 Undergraduate Winning Paper
Jenee Kresge, George Washington University
Paper Title: Does Starbucks Mean Coffee?: Starbucks and Its Impact on Coffee as a Commodity
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Blenda Femenias

2007 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Jennifer Pollock, University of Toronto at Scarborough
Paper Title: The Gendered Economics of Soyu: Modernity, Agency & Withcraft Accusations in the Dagbon Naam
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Saul Cohen

2006 Undergraduate Winning Paper
Taylor Nelms, The Ohio State University
Paper Title: Negotiating the Ideal Family through Conversational Narrative: Relationships of Exchange in a Quiteño Family
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jeffrey H. Cohen

2005 Undergraduate Winning Paper
Alison M. McBride, Department of Anthropology, Pennsylvania State University
Title of paper: “Women Industrial Workers and Community Development Organizations in the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez Region: A Study of the Centro de Orientacion de la Mujer Obrera and La Mujer Obrera”
Faculty Sponsor: Jeff Cohen

2002 Undergraduate Winning Paper
Tricia Olsen, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton College
“Women in the Age of Globalization: The Avon Case of Sao Paulo, Brazil”
Faculty Sponsor: Jerome Levi

2001 Undergraduate Winning Paper
Peter Halpin, Jessica Hegel and Chris Molnar, University of Calgary
“Flowers and St. Valentine’s Day: Economic Practices in Broader Perspectives”
Faculty Sponsor: Josephine Smart

2001 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Helene Goldberg, Queens College
“Social Mobility in a Peasant Community in Oaxaca, Mexico”
Faculty Sponsor: Ronald Waterbury

1996 Undergraduate Winning Paper
Anna Greenberg
“Poverty-Oriented Banking: Serving the Needs of Farmers, Herders, and Traders in Northern Senegal. The Case of the Caisses Populaires de Louga.”

1996 Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Taralee Alcock
“(Re)-Constructing the Power of the Activity in Sally Cole’s Women of the Praia”

1993 Undergraduate Winning Paper
Ethan Michelson, McGill University
“In Defense of Collective Farms: Collectivization and De-Collectivization in the People’s Republic of China”