Mergers & Acquisitions
Mergers & Acquisitions
Society for Economic Anthropology (SEA)

SEA’s podcast, Mergers and Acquisitions demonstrates how anthropological and other perspectives can enhance and complicate understandings of economic life and contemporary events. Mergers and Acquisitions hosts interviews with leading economic anthropologists, provides reflection pieces on economic transformations and problems, and serves as a vehicle for new and established scholars to connect with each other. Recognizing that the best ideas and insights are rarely generated alone, Mergers and Acquisitions offers a collective mind-hive for furthering the study of economic life.

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  • Moral Economies of Care in the (post-) COVID Classroom, Episode 1: A Conversation with Jenny Hewitt, Dinah Rajak, and Sarah-Jane Phelan
  • Legacies of the Plantation: A Conversation with Sarah Besky
  • An Anthropology Day Discussion about Interdisciplinarity: A Conversation with Carli Ficano
  • Narratives about work and the “good life”: A Conversation with Christine Jeske
  • Struggles for Energy Justice in the U.S. South: a conversation with Kristin Phillips
  • Energy, the Green Transition, and Economic Anthropology: An interview with Thomas Love
  • Intimate Political Economy: A Conversation with Dr. Allison Alexy
  • Management Consultants in China: A Conversation with Kimberly Chong
  • Navigating the Corporate Paradox: A Conversation with Dr. Mike Prentice
  • Feminist Economic Anthropology meets the Multiverse: A conversation with Dr. Caroline Schuster
  • Outside/Alongside the Academy: A conversation with Dr. Taylor Nelms
  • Anthropologist “at Home”: A Conversation with Dr. Tami Navarro
  • What is Economic Anthropology? with Heangjin Park
  • What is Economic Anthropology? with Morten Sørensen Thaning
  • What is Economic Anthropology? with Matthew Archer
  • What is Economic Anthropology? with Cindy Isenhour
  • What is Economic Anthropology? with Brie Berry
  • What is Economic Anthropology? with Dan Souleles
  • Reimaging Money in Kenya: A Conversation with Sibel Kusimba
  • Mining the Digital Age in Eastern Congo: A Conversation with Jim Smith
  • Ghost Workers and the On-Demand Platform Economy: A Conversation with Mary L. Gray
  • How Digital Capitalism is Taking over our Lives: A Conversation with Jathan Sadowski
  • Unpacking the “Moral Economy of Work”: A Conversation with Liz Fouksman
  • Revisiting Anthropologies of Unemployment: A Conversation with Jong Bum Kwon and Carrie Lane
  • Neoliberalism, Unemployment, and the Post-pandemic Workplace: A Conversation with Ilana Gershon
  • Economic Sovereignty, Development, and Community among Indigenous Entrepreneurs: A Conversation with Courtney Lewis
  • Exploring Social Entrepreneurship Across Geographical Spaces: A Conversation with Walter Little & Lynne Milgram
  • Subjectivities of Enterprise: A Conversation with Stefanie Mauksch
  • The Intimacies of Urban Waste Infrastructure: A Conversation with Waqas Butt
  • Capitalist Discard, Durability, and Romani Racialized Labor in the Anthropocene: A Conversation with Elana Resnick
  • Life and Livability at the Dump: A Conversation with Kathleen Millar
  • Dumpster Diving, a Food Sharing Revolution, and Economies of Abjection: A Conversation with David Giles
  • Violence, Materiality and Adapting to Climate Change: A Conversation with Michael Bollig
  • Anthropological Insights To Help Avert Systemic Collapse: A Conversation With Thomas Reuter
  • Economic Anthropology in Global Climate Change Policy: A Conversation with Pamela McElwee
  • How Ancient Landscapes Can Help Us Respond to Climate Change: A Conversation with Vernon Scarborough
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Mergers & Acquisitions is produced in association with the American Anthropological Association.