The results are in for the 2022 Schneider Student Paper Prize!

Special thanks to Allison Truitt for heading up the award committee! She pulled together a stellar panel of jurists, Nicholas D’Avella, Jennifer Hubbert, Smoki Musaraj, Taylor Nelms, Cary Schuster, Erin Taylor, and Chris Vasantkumar. It’s great to see such support for our junior colleagues! Thank you, all!

And the winners are….

Undergraduate Winner
Lotte Jäger, Racial capitalism and #PayUp: A critical examination of the abandonment of Bangladeshi garment workers during the COVID-19 pandemic
Advisor, Rebecca Prentic, University of Sussex

Undergraduate Honorable Mention
Annalise Chelsen, “I’ve Curated Myself into a Corner and I Can’t Get Out”: Sustainable Fashion Influencers Under the Attention Economy
Advisor, Christine Jeske, Wheaton College

Graduate Winner
China Sajadian, “A Person With a Full Stomach Doesn’t Know Anyone”: The Moral Binds of Debt in a Syrian Refugee Camp
Advisor, Mandana Limbert, City University of New York

Graduate Honorable Mention
Sandro Simon, “Rhythming Volatility: Gleaning from and Salvaging for Capitalists”
Advisor, Franz Grause, University of Cologne

Congratulations all around!