Hello economic anthropologists!

On behalf of myself (as chair of the M. Estellie Smith committee) and Rachael Goodman (chair of the Halperin committee), we would like to announce and celebrate this year’s grant winners, and we would like to thank the committee members who evaluated the proposals.

(…Drum roll…this is like the Oscars for Econ Anth…)

The two winners of the 2023 Halperin Predissertation research award are:

Jing Hao Liong, Duke University, “The ‘Ethics’ of Eliminating Forced Labor: Social Enterprises and Migrant Labor in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia”


Montserrat Perez Castro Perez, Dartmouth College, “Sustainable hope: Affect, labor and social difference in the corporate sustainability of the palm oil value chain in Mexico”

The winner of the 2023 M. Estellie Smith dissertation award is:

Cameron Butler, York University (Toronto), “Fertilizing Settler Bodies: Tracing Global Phosphorus Transfers through Southern Ontario”

The Halperin committee was Rachael Goodman (chair), Lauren Hayes, Joseph Quick, and Christine Jeske.

The M. Estellie Smith committee was Bram Tucker (chair), Dawn Rivers, Christine Beitl, and Seyma Kabouglu.

YAAYYAYYAYY!!! Thanks all! Celebrate good times!