It’s a long way ahead, but SEA would love to hear from you now if you are interested in being Program Chair for the Spring 2018 meetings.

The Society for Economic Anthropology holds annual meetings every spring (in late March or April). These meetings focus on one specific theme in economic anthropology. Recent meetings have been on Risk and Resilience (2016), Technologies and the Transformation of Economies (2015), Energy and Economy (2014), Inequality (2013), and the Political Economy of Cities (2012). This spring (2017), the focus will be Financialization and Beyond: Debt, Money, Wealth, and the Capture of Value.

So where do these themes come from? They come from you, interested economic anthropologists who see the chance to develop a theme of disciplinary and, usually, personal interest. Every year, the SEA Executive Board considers themes proposed by its members for future meetings. We are asking you to propose themes for future SEA meetings. If your topic is chosen, you will become Program Chair(s) for the appropriate meeting.

Why should you volunteer to be Program Chair(s) for the SEA meetings? First and foremost, it will offer you the possibility to gather together a group of colleagues interested in a similar topic. The structure and relatively small size of SEA meetings offers a chance for in depth discussion on a single topic. Second, since program chairs become editors of one of the yearly issues of Economic Anthropology, it offers you the chance to edit a publication on a topic of interest.

For each meeting, we need a Program Chair or Chairs; one or a team can volunteer to chair. We also need a Local Arrangements Coordinator, a person who can facilitate meeting arrangements. The Program Chair/Local Arrangements Coordinator can be the same person or team. However, they may be quite different people, from different places.

We are now looking for possibilities for the Spring 2018 meetings. If you are interested, please send a short paragraph to SEA President, Dolores Koenig ( as soon as possible. The Board would like to begin discussing possibilities when we meet at the AAA meetings in a couple of weeks.

At this time, we do not need a finished proposal, but a several paragraphs about the theme and the possible program chairs would be useful.