Hello SEA members and friends –
I want to draw your attention to two very exciting SEA activities!

Our Spring SEA Meeting “Landscapes of Value, Economies of Place” is being held virtually on March 4th and 5th—in collaboration with the Culture and Agriculture section.
Program chairs Brad Jones and Andrea Rissing have produced an absolutely stellar program. Particularly exciting is that we will have two keynotes. The first is urban farming pioneer and author of Growing out Loud: Journey of a Food Revolutionary, Rashid Nuri! You won’t want to miss it! The second keynote is from the author of an absolutely brilliant book, Fields of Gold: Financing the Global Land Rush (available open access) – Dr. Madeleine Fairbairn! The program also features 32 plenary presentations with ample discussion for each paper. New this year is a round of lightening talks and a very innovative design for informal social interactions. Registration is open now, please join us!

New SEA Blog and Podcast Mergers & Acquisitions has launched!
You can subscribe on Google Podcasts, Spotify, Podchaser, or listen straight from SEA’s website. Our first collection has been produced by SEA member Aneil Tripathy whose expertise on climate finance helps to inform his conversations with Mergers and Acquisitions guests. Throughout the winter Aneil will be releasing conversations with Economic Anthropology Symposium contributors who responded to the question, “What can Economic Anthropology Contribute to the Study of Climate Change?”. Aneil’s first interview with Vern Scarboro is out now! Look for other conversations with Pam McElwee, Paige West, Thomas Reuter and Michael Bollig in the coming weeks. I’ll be hosting our second collection in the Spring, featuring conversations with anthropologists working on economies of waste.

Cindy Isenhour
President, Society for Economic Anthropology (2019-2021)