Happy 2019!

As we prepare for the 2019 Spring Meeting in Orlando, it is not too early to dream about the next Spring Meeting in 2020.

Do you have an idea for a theme? Would you like to host the meeting at your home institution? Please, let me know!

Meeting organizers include a Program Chair and a Host. You could volunteer to do either, or both.

The Program chair is the person who chooses the themes, issues the call for papers, directs the selection of the abstracts for the program, and guest edits the corresponding special issue of Economic Anthropology. The host does the local arranging— reserves rooms, contracts with catering and hotels, etc. The Program Chair and Host can be the same person or team of people, as was the case for the 2017 meeting in Tempe. Or, the Program Chair and Host can be at different institutions, as is the case this year. Our EXTREMELY awesome and hardworking Program Chair this year is Sibel Kusimba, and our EXTREMELY awesome and hardworking Host is Ty Matejowsky. Maybe next year it will be YOU!??!


Bram Tucker
President, Society for Economic Anthropology
Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
University of Georgia
Athens, GA USA