Michael Chibnik has recently edited a special virtual issue of American Anthropologist highlighting the diverse economic anthropology contributions to that journal. As he says in the introduction:

In order to prepare this virtual issue, I began by compiling a list of 201 articles focusing on economics that appeared in American Anthropologist (AA) from the first issue of 1900 through the second issue of 2015. The list, organized by topic and date, appears at the end of this introduction.  Deciding which articles to put on the list was not an easy task. Because of space considerations, I restricted the list to articles in sociocultural anthropology. Although many AA articles include some information about economics, I chose only those in which the principal topic was related to the production, exchange or consumption of goods or services.

The introduction is a valuable overview of the field, and the article collection includes many classics as well as provocative perspectives.

The virtual issue is open access until the end of 2015.