I’m happy to announce the publication of volume 43 of Research in Economic Anthropology, co-edited by Raja Swamy and me. The title:

Health, Money, Commerce, and Wealth: Anthropological Perspectives

We dedicated the volume to the memory of Carolyn Lesorogol (1965-2023), who was a member of REA’s Editorial Advisory Board, and who also helped establish a relationship between REA and the SEA when she was president of the latter.

The contents:

– Introduction: Anthropological Perspectives on Health, Money, Commerce, and Wealth — Donald C. Wood and Raja Swamy

– Distressed in Hope: School Fees and the Structural Shaping of Health in Upper West Ghana — Jessica R. Ham

– In Pursuit of Stability? An Ethnographic Inquiry of Cryptocurrency Trading in Istanbul — Wesam Hassan

– When Face Is Your FICO Score: Informal Behaviors of a Microlender in a Bangkok Neighborhood — David A. Dayton, Nathan Draper and Maureen Snow Andrade

– An Anthropologist Goes Offshore, or, Creating an Actor-Network Among Finance Elites — Samuel Weeks

– Doing Business in a Pandemic: Agency and Resilience Among US Nonemployer Businesses — Dawn Rivers

– People, Objects, and Money: Some Notes on the Introduction and Circulation of Objects Among the Xambioa (Central Brazil) — Helena Moreira Schiel

– A Proposal to Eliminate Poverty by Including the Poor as Shareholders in Wealth Producing Companies — Sidney M. Greenfield

The volume is available for digital download from Emerald Insight here.

Hardcover versions can be ordered through Amazon or other online sellers, and university libraries can be asked to buy copies of it or other REA volumes.

Best regards,

Donald Wood