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Research Articles

Introduction to special issue: Value, values, and anthropology
Daniel Scott Souleles, Matthew Archer, Morten Sørensen Thaning | Abstract

The value of values: Sufficiency among single-person businesses in the United States
Dawn R. Rivers | Abstract

Value as ethics: Climate change, crisis, and the struggle for the future
Sean Field | Abstract

Textures of value: Tactility, experience, and exclusion in the cashmere commodity chain
Kathryn E. Graber | Abstract

Southern politics, southern power prices: Race, utility regulation, and the value of energy
Kristin D. Phillips | Abstract

States of faḍl or stating faḍl: On the value of indebtedness for Iraqi exiles in Jordan
Abdulla Majeed | Abstract

Fractured Ownership and the Tragedy of the Anticommons in Hawai‘i
Danae G. Khorasani | Abstract

Valuing and devaluing: Struggles over social payments, dignity, and sneakers
Lindsay DuBois | Abstract

The “Department of Human Needs”: Renewable energy and the water–energy–land nexus in Zanzibar
Erin Dean | Abstract

Volume 10, Issue 2 Special Issue:Value and Change, Value in Crisis