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Editor’s Note | Full text


Taxation and the Polanyian forms of integration in socialist and postsocialist Hungary
Chris Hann | Abstract

Life is a gift: Value cosmologies in Hollywood cinema
Stefan Ecks | Abstract

Free money’s ideological nature: A comparative analysis of unconditional cash transfers in Eastern Africa
Maria Lassak & Mario Schmidt | Abstract

Peasant traders, migrant workers and “supermarkets”: Low‐cost provisions and the reproduction of migrant labor in China
Minh T. N. Nguyen & Lan Wei | Abstract

Military wealth: How money shapes Indigenous‐state relations among Canadian rangers
Bianca Romagnoli | Abstract

Infrabanking: Mobilizing capital in communist Cuba
Ståle Wig | Abstract

Understanding money; Or, why social and financial accounting should not be conflated
Robert M. Rosenswig | Abstract

Mrs. Columbo’s antipolitics machine: Quantitative data in responsible finance
Aneil Tripathy, David Wood & Elizabeth Ferry | Abstract

Polanyi and the Other Alternative Food Network: What San Francisco‐Based Multi‐Level Marketers of “Healthy” Food Tell Us About Values in Market Societies
Mathias Levi Toft Kristiansen & Maris Boyd Gillette | Abstract

Estimations of value in “Belgrade’s Amazonia”
Ognjen Kojanić | Abstract


Predatory Economies: The Sanema and the Socialist State in Contemporary Amazonia. By Amy Penfield. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 2023. 248
Vinicius de Aguiar Furuie | Full Text

Hard Luck and Heavy Rain: The Ecology of Stories in Southeast Texas. By Joseph C. Russo. Durham: Duke University Press, 2023. 152
Sara Beth Becker | Full Text

Jobless Growth in the Dominican Republic: Disorganization, Precarity, and Livelihoods. By Christian Krohn‐Hansen. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2022. 240
Ieva Snikersproge | Full Text

Making Better Coffee: How Maya Farmers and Third World Tastemakers Create Value. By Edward F. Fischer. Oakland: University of California Press, 2022. 306
Daniel Reichman | Full Text

Castoffs of Capital: Work and Love among Garment Workers in Bangladesh. By Lamia Karim. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2022. 256
Rebecca Prentice | Full Text

Untimely Sacrifices: Work and Death in Finland. By Daena Aki Funahashi. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2023. 203
Ståle Wig | Full Text


The rise and fall of national capitalism
John Keith Hart | Full Text

Does (national) capitalism suck?
Myriam Amri | Full Text

Rethinking economic sovereignty
Leon Wansleben | Full Text

National capitalism, unhinged
Elizabeth Ferry | Full Text

Reply to comments on “The rise and fall of national capitalism”
John Keith Hart | Full Text