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Original Article

Inequality in our midst
Carolyn Lesorogol | Abstract

SECTION I: Communities, economic development, and inequality

Addressing global economic inequalities in local ways in Senegal’s artisanal workshops
Laura L. Cochrane | Abstract

Unequal sustainabilities: The role of social inequalities in conservation and development projects
Nicole D. Peterson | Abstract

Inequality of rights: Rural industrial workers’ access to the law in Guatemala
Liliana Goldín, Courtney Dowdall | Abstract

SECTION II: Trajectories of inequality: Changing ideas and experiences of class and social position

Making Africa middle class: From poverty reduction to the production of inequality in Tanzania
Maia Green | Abstract

“Not what it used to be”: Schemas of class and contradiction in the Great Recession
Anna Jefferson | Abstract

Inequalities beyond the Gini: Subsistence, social structure, gender, and markets in southwestern Madagascar
Bram Tucker, Elaina Lill, Tsiazonera, Jaovola Tombo, Rolland Lahiniriko, Louinaise Rasoanomenjanahary, Pirette Miza Razafindravelo, Jean Roger Tsikengo | Abstract

Eldercare, immigration, and health care in Italy: How the Italian state creates and mitigates inequality
Patti Meyer | Abstract

SECTION III: Shifting practices of reciprocity and the implications for inequality

Accession and association: The effects of European integration and neoliberalism on rising inequality and kin-neighbor reciprocity in the Republic of Macedonia
Justin M. Otten | Abstract

Shifting social dynamics and economic inequality in the post-Soviet space: Networking and participation in toi among the novyi Kyrgyz
René Provis | Abstract

Postdisaster reciprocity and the development of inequality in personal networks
Eric C. Jones, Arthur D. Murphy, A. J. Faas, Graham A. Tobin, Christopher McCarty, Linda M. Whiteford | Abstract

Volume 2, Issue 2