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Introduction: Technologies and the transformation of economies
Hsain Ilahiane, Marcie L. Venter | Abstract

SECTION I – “Networks and integration”

Migration, skill, and the transformation of social networks in the pre-Hispanic Southwest
Barbara J. Mills, Jeffery J. Clark, Matthew A. Peeples | Abstract

Living life forward: Technology, time, and society in a Sri Lankan potter community
Deborah Winslow | Abstract

Transformations, economics, and bitter outcomes: Archaeological investigations at Betty’s Hope Plantation—a case study reflecting 300 years of Caribbean sugar production
Georgia L. Fox | Abstract

Political economy in Late and Terminal Classic Southeastern Mesoamerica: Putting the El Coyote copper smelting workshop in its regional context
Patricia Urban | Abstract

SECTION II – “Identity, gender, value, and consumption”

“Phones mean lies”: Secrets, sexuality, and the subjectivity of mobile phones in Tanzania
Erin Kenny | Abstract

Hearthholds of mobile money in western Kenya
Sibel Kusimba, Yang Yang, Nitesh Chawla | Abstract

Re-creating economic and cultural values in Bulgaria’s wine industry: From an economy of quantity to an economy of quality?
Yuson Jung | Abstract

Asymmetrical indications: Negotiating creativity through Geographical Indications in north India
Alicia Ory DeNicola | Abstract

SECTION III – “Agriculture, community, and environment”

Alternative economic strategies and the technology treadmill: Beginning vegetable farmers in Iowa
Andrea Rissing | Abstract

Unearthing human progress? Ecomodernism and contrasting definitions of technological progress in the Anthropocene
Cindy Isenhour | Abstract (Correction(s) for this article)

Volume 3, Issue 2