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What does economic anthropology have to contribute to studies of risk and resilience?
Bram Tucker, Donald R. Nelson | Abstract

Risks and strategies of Amazonian households: Retail sales and mass-market consumption among caboclo women
Jessica Andrea Chelekis | Abstract

“Even our Dairy Queen shut down”: Risk and resilience in bioenergy development in forest-dependent communities in the US South
Sarah Hitchner, John Schelhas, J. Peter Brosius | Abstract

Risky resources: Household production, food contamination, and perceptions of aflatoxin exposure among Zambian female farmers
Alyson G. Young | Abstract

The social life of health behaviors: The political economy and cultural context of health practices
Rebecca Adkins Fletcher | Abstract

Trading on risk: The moral logics and economic reasoning of North Carolina farmers in water quality trading markets
Caela O’Connell, Marzieh Motallebi, Deanna L. Osmond, Dana L. K. Hoag | Abstract

Translating to risk: The legibility of climate change and nature in the green bond market
Aneil Tripathy | Abstract

Willful times: Unpredictability, planning, and presentism among entrepreneurs in a central Chinese city
Megan Steffen | Abstract

Debt as a double-edged risk: A historical case from Nahua (Aztec) Mexico
John K. Millhauser | Abstract

Existential economics: Mexican-American dream strategies to predict and understand business outcomes
Peter Wogan | Abstract

Volume 4, Issue 2