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Editor’s Note

Editor’s note to Economic Anthropology readers
Brandon D. Lundy | Full text


Collaborative and competitive strategies in the variability and resiliency of large-scale societies in Mesoamerica
Gary M. Feinman, David M. Carballo | Abstract

Sucre indigène and sucre colonial: Reconsidering the splitting of the French national sugar market, 1800–1860
Jonna M. Yarrington | Abstract

Petit capitalisms in disaster, or the limits of neoliberal imagination: Displacement, recovery, and opportunism in highland Ecuador
A. J. Faas | Abstract

Oil in Sicily: Petrocapitalist imaginaries in the shadow of old smokestacks
Mara Benadusi | Abstract

The Bumipreneur dilemma and Malaysia’s technology start-up ecosystem
Sarah Kelman | Abstract

“Once you support, you are supported”: Entrepreneurship and reintegration among ex-prisoners in Gulu, northern Uganda
Hannah Jane Marshall | Abstract

Naming Brazil’s previously poor: “New middle class” as an economic, political, and experiential category
Charles H. Klein, Sean T. Mitchell, Benjamin Junge | Abstract

“Never had the hand”: Distribution and inequality in the diverse economy of a refugee camp
Micah M. Trapp | Abstract

Economic adversities and cultural coping strategies: Impacts on identity boundaries among Druzes in Lebanon
Chad K. Radwan | Abstract

Production for consumption: Prosumer, citizen-consumer, and ethical consumption in a postgrowth context
Elisabeth Kosnik | Abstract

The Symposium

How can economic anthropology make sense of and engage with rising global populism?

A note on populism and global systemic crisis
Jonathan Friedman | Full text

Resisting the alternate realities of global populism
Paul Stoller | Full text

Populism is not the problem—capitalism is
Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz | Full text

Out-trumping economic consequences in populist voting
Peter Hervik | Full text

Markets, myths, and misrecognitions: Economic populism in the age of financialization and hyperinequality
Karen Ho | Full text



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Volume 5, Issue 1