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Finance beyond function: Three causal explanations for financialization
Aaron Z. Pitluck, Fabio Mattioli, Daniel Souleles | Abstract


Frontier financialization: Urban infrastructure in the United Kingdom
Paul Langley | Abstract

Capital market development in Southeast Asia: From speculative crisis to spectacles of financialization
Lena Rethel | Abstract

Market efficiency as a revolution in data analysis
Simone Polillo | Abstract

Making money in Mesoamerica: Currency production and procurement in the Classic Maya financial system
Joanne P. Baron | Abstract

Nationalizing gold: The Vietnamese SJC gold bar and the Indian Gold Coin
Allison Truitt | Abstract

Of loans and livelihoods: Gendered “social work” in urban India
Smitha Radhakrishnan | Abstract

“It is easy for women to ask!”: Gender and digital finance in Kenya
Sibel Kusimba | Abstract

Gendered redistribution and family debt: The ambiguities of a cash transfer program in Brazil
Ana Flavia Badue, Florbela Ribeiro | Abstract

Financialization of work, value, and social organization among transnational soy farmers in the Brazilian Cerrado
Andrew L. Ofstehage | Abstract

Volume 5, Issue 2