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Editor’s Note

Editor’s note

Brandon D. Lundy | Full text


Criticizing resilience thinking: A political ecology analysis of droughts in nineteenth-century East Africa
N. Thomas Håkansson | Abstract

Does ecosystem services valuation reflect local cultural valuations? Comparative analysis of resident perspectives in four major urban river ecosystems
Margaret V. du Bray, Rhian Stotts, Melissa Beresford, Amber Wutich, Alexandra Brewis | Abstract

Constructing the female coffee farmer: Do corporate smart-economic initiatives promote gender equity within agricultural value chains?
Sarah Lyon, Tad Mutersbaugh, Holly Worthen | Abstract

Matoy jirofo, masaka lavany: Rural–urban migrants’ livelihood strategies through the lens of the clove commodity cycle in Madagascar
Laura M. Tilghman | Abstract

The lens of Brexit: Examining cultural divisions among Northern Ireland farmers
Irene Ketonen | Abstract

Porous infrastructures and the politics of upward mobility in Brazil’s public housing
Moisés Kopper | Abstract

A world of cheapness: Affordability, shoddiness, and second-best options in Guinea and China
Susanna Fioratta | Abstract

Moral imaginings of the market and the state in contemporary China
Erika Kuever | Abstract

Tracing indium production to the mines of the Cerro Rico de Potosí
Kirsten Francescone | Abstract

Crypto-miners: Digital labor and the power of blockchain technology
Filipe Calvão | Abstract

From “good credit” to “bad debt”: Comparative reflections on the student debt experience of young professionals in Santiago, Chile, and Montreal, Canada
Lorena Pérez-Roa | Abstract

The Symposium

What does anthropology contribute to understanding the economics of regeneration?

The anthropology of economic regeneration
Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld | Full text

Analyzing economic regeneration
Michael Chibnik | Full text

Rituals and economics of regeneration
Akinwumi Ogundiran | First Page

The Anthropocene goes green?
Susan Falls | Full text

Now is the time of monsters: Economic anthropology and the post-neoliberal political economy
Edward F. Fischer | Full text

Volume 6, Issue 1