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The economic anthropology of water
Amber Wutich, Melissa Beresford | Abstract


“Water is a gift that destroys”: Making a national natural resource in Lesotho
Colin Hoag | Abstract

Conspicuous reserves: Ideologies of water consumption and the performance of class
Heather O’Leary | Abstract

Water sharing, reciprocity, and need: A comparative study of interhousehold water transfers in sub-Saharan Africa
Alexandra Brewis, Asher Rosinger, Amber Wutich, Ellis Adams, Lee Cronk, Amber Pearson, Cassandra Workman, Sera Young, Household Water Insecurity Experiences-Research Coordination Network (HWISE-RCN) | Abstract

Negotiating access to water in central Mozambique: Implications for rural livelihoods
Michael Madison Walker | Abstract

Production requires water: Material remains of the hydrosocial cycle in an ancient Anatolian city
Sarah R. Graff, Scott Branting, John M. Marston | Abstract

Rivers and roads: A political ecology of displacement, development, and chronic liminality in Zambia’s Gwembe Valley
Allison Harnish, Lisa Cliggett, Thayer Scudder | Abstract

The economic value of water: The contradictions and consequences of a prominent development model in Namibia
Michael Schnegg, Richard Dimba Kiaka | Abstract

Wastewater technopolitics on the southern coast of Belize
E. Christian Wells, W. Alex Webb, Christine M. Prouty, Rebecca K. Zarger, Maya A. Trotz, Linda M. Whiteford, James R. Mihelcic | Abstract

Becoming with rainwater: A study of hydrosocial relations and subjectivity in a desert city
Lucero Radonic | Abstract

Water insecurity and mental health in the Amazon: Economic and ecological drivers of distress
Paula Skye Tallman | Abstract

Volume 6, Issue 2