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Editor’s note

Editor’s note
Brandon D. Lundy | Full text


Banking on Stone Money: Ancient Antecedents to Bitcoin
Scott M. Fitzpatrick, Stephen McKeon | Abstract

Où vivre sans boire revisited: Water and political-economic change among Mikea hunter-gatherers of southwestern Madagascar
Bram Tucker | Abstract

Organic aspirations in South India
Andrew Flachs, Sreenu Panuganti | Abstract

(Re)fashioning Philippine street foods and vending
B. Lynne Milgram | Abstract

Entrepreneurship as legacy building: Reimagining the economy in post-apartheid South Africa
Melissa Beresford | Abstract

Cultivating “Omani ambitions”: Entrepreneurship, distributive labor, and the temporalities of diversification in the Arab Gulf
Robin Thomas Steiner | Abstract

Logics of affordability and worth: Gendered consumption in rural Uganda
Catherine Dolan, Claire Gordon, Laurel Steinfield, Julie Hennegan | Abstract

“You are the architect of your own success”: Selling financial freedom through real estate investment after the foreclosure crisis of 2008
Elizabeth Youngling | Abstract

Substantive commitments: Reconciling work ethics and the welfare state in Norway
Kelly McKowen | Abstract

Platforms as if people mattered
Shuang L. Frost | Abstract

The Symposium

What does economic anthropology contribute to the understanding of the economics of peace and conflict?

Economics, War, and Anthropology
Laura Nader | Full text

Hidden Interactions in the Economics of Peace and Conflict
Gearoid Millar | Full text

Economics, Police Corruption, and Sikh Resistance in Punjab
Cynthia Mahmood | Full text

Militarism, Precarity, and Embeddedness
Mark Moberg | Full text

Financialization, Solidarity, and Conflict
Erik Bähre | Full text

Volume 7, Issue 1