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Introducing an anthropology of convenience
Rahul Oka | Abstract

Research Articles

Convenience as Good

Beside the berm: The convenience of roadside picking
Dominic Piacentini | Abstract

Labor-saving technologies in Manantali, Mali
Dolores Koenig | Abstract

Effective or expedient: Market devices and philanthropic techniques
Ben Eyre | Abstract

The ambiguity of price and the labor of land brokers in Kathmandu, Nepal
Andrew Haxby | Abstract

Convenience as Bad

Inconvenient friendship: How successful cocaine dealers manage social obligations
David Crawford | Abstract

The work of class: Cash transfers and community development in Tanzania
Maia Green | Abstract

Dependent convenience: Migration, agrarian change, and socioecological sustainability in Dakshinkali, Nepal
Pearly Wong | Abstract

Rethinking remittance: The socioeconomic dynamics of giving for migrants and nonmigrants
Jeffrey H. Cohen, Natalia Zotova | Abstract

Convenience as Ugly

“The machine does it!”: Using convenience technologies to analyze care, reproductive labor, gender, and class in urban Morocco
M. Ruth Dike | Abstract

Production, consumers’ convenience, and cynical economies: The case of Uber in Buenos Aires
Juan M. del Nido | Abstract

Amazon Go, surveillance capitalism, and the ideology of convenience
Jenny Huberman | Abstract

Creating diversity markets through economization: The politics and economics of difference in neoliberal organizations
Luzilda C. Arciniega | Abstract

Volume 8, Issue 2