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Landscapes of value
Andrea Rissing, Bradley M. Jones | Abstract

Research Articles

Climate opportunism and values of change on the Arctic agricultural frontier
Hannah Bradley, Serena Stein | Abstract

The future sits in places: Electricity, value, and infrastructural triage in Tanzania
Kristin D. Phillips | Abstract

From foraging to farming: Domesticating landscapes in the Midsouth three thousand years ago
Kandace D. Hollenbach, Stephen B. Carmody | Abstract

Amara e bella, bitter and beautiful: A praxis of care in valuing Sicilian olive oil and landscapes
Amanda Hilton | Abstract

The value of the homeland: Land in Duhok, Kurdistan-Iraq, as territory, resource, and landscape
Katharina Lange | Abstract

The taboo of retreat: The politics of sea level rise, managed retreat, and coastal property values in California
Ryan B. Anderson | Abstract

Landscapes of rizq: Mediating worldly and otherworldly in Lahore’s speculative real estate market
Tariq Rahman | Abstract

“We ain’t never stolen a plant”: Livelihoods, property, and illegal ginseng harvesting in the Appalachian forest commons
Katherine Farley | Abstract

Valuing the ubiquitous: Resource availability and landscape value among the Classic period Maya of western Belize
Rachel A. Horowitz | Abstract

Plantation politics and discourse: Forests and property in upland Ireland
Jodie Asselin | Abstract

Merchants of the north: Infrastructure and indebtedness along Brazil’s Amazon estuary
Matthew Abel | Abstract

Volume 9, Issue 2