Welcome to The Exchange, the short-form, Open Access subsidiary of the SEA’s journal, Economic Anthropology. Short-form means less than about 2000 words. Open Access means you don’t have to leap over paywalls to read what we post here. Subsidiary technically refers to being supplementary to and supposedly less important than something (in this case THE JOURNAL), but we will be disputing the ‘less important’ part in the strongest possible terms at our next shareholder’s meeting.

What’s our plan with this site, you ask? Well, we see it as an opportunity to bring more economic anthropology into the world. We think the world needs it. Have you ever read a piece in The Economist and thought, ‘Are you kidding me, haven’t you people ever heard of the Formalist-Substantivist debate? Why aren’t you talking about Marcel Mauss? So, you only talk to economists, huh? Hello Hello?’ Yeah, us too. That’s why we created The Exchange, so we’ll have a convenient platform for clapping back at The Economist and other venues that write about money, markets, and economic life and get it all wrong. So, put those takes on the grill–we like ‘em hot.

But wait, there’s more. Not only is this the place for anthropologists and our fellow travelers to talk back, this will also be a place where we can discuss current events; give a platform to up and coming economic anthropologists; document the life of the Society for Economic Anthropology, and offer short form versions of what is appearing in the journal. This last piece we’re particularly excited about. 

For better or for worse academic articles have a form and a tone that isn’t always the most accessible. With shorter discussions of the big ideas from Economic Anthropology research articles, we hope to provide texts that can circulate among a wider audience, whether that audience is an undergraduate or high school classroom, as well as texts that direct people back to the journal if they’re hungry for more.

Some practicalities:

Should you wish to write something for The Exchange, you can pitch Editorial Board Member Ryan Anderson at rbanderson@scu.edu. In the subject of the email, write: “Query for the Exchange (topic | topic | topic)” Fill out the spaces in the topic with three keywords for your pitch, perhaps a subject, geographic area, and a concept. Then, in the body of the email, spend a few sentences introducing yourself: who are you, what do you work on. Finally, in no more than 250 words explain what you want to write. Additionally, since this is such a short form, feel free to attach a draft of your submission.

In terms of a “house style” for The Exchange, please write conversationally and with a minimum of academic jargon. Insofar as you use specialist terms, please briefly and clearly define them. Character and plot driven submissions are most welcome, as are submissions that come in a distinct voice. Too, we always appreciate linking back to the journal, Economic Anthropology.

We look forward to adding your name to the ledger and opening your very own account.

Please cite as: 

Anderson, Ryan and Daniel Souleles. 2023. “Account #1: Welcome to the Exchange.” The Exchange, 23 August 20023. https://www.econanthro.org/account-1-welcome-to-the-exchange/

About the Author: Ryan Anderson